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Chicago mayoral candidates answer 23 questions

Divide the pack by their positions on key issues — at a glance. And, read their reasons why.

WBEZ and the Chicago Sun-Times asked the nine candidates running for mayor to answer 23 questions on important issues, including policing, public safety, city spending, taxes, schools and housing.

The candidates answered “yes” or “no” and were also given the option to provide brief written answers that helped explain their positions. Some candidates gave only a written answer, which is categorized here as “other.”

(Look for our People’s Agenda tag to see public opinion on these issues — drawn from our recent informal survey of nearly 1,700 people.)

Take our Mayoral Candidate Quiz to see how your answers compare.

Edited by Angela Rozas O’Toole, Tony Arnold and Al Keefe. Development by Jesse Howe. Illustration by Kelsey Johnson. Photography by Ashlee Rezin.